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Just $1 per day Queenstown to Almost Anywhere!

While there are bound to be some fantastic skiing days left, the ski season is winding down and we need to move some cars out of Queenstown. 

So, for a limited time only, pick up a car from us in Queenstown and for only $1/day you can drive it up to either Christchurch, Picton, Nelson, Wellington or Auckland.  

Maximum length of rental for Queenstown to another depot in the South Island is 3 days, and to the North Island is 4 days.  If you are bringing the car from Queenstown up to Auckland we will pay the Inter-islander Ferry cost for the vehicle and you will only need to pay for the ferry tickets for the driver and any passengers.  Ferry tickets must be booked through us and must be on the Inter-islander not Bluebridge Ferry for this deal.

Make the most of this great opportunity.  Simply enter Queenstown as your pick up location, select your preferred drop off point and travel dates and if we have a car available for relocation the $1/day deal will pop up as an available vehicle category.  No promo code required. 

Vehicle Type:  Run of Fleet (whatever we need moved)

Fuel and any other Additional Extras will be at your Cost

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Only $1 Per Day!

We need cars moved North, so if that's the way you are heading and you can make the trip in 3 days or less then we have great news for you!

Book online - simply enter a pick up location that is further south than your drop off location, such as Christchurch to Picton, or Christchurch to Auckland and the $1/day vehicle option will pop up. 

The vehicle you receive will be at our discretion - whatever we need moved on that day. 

Max length of rental is 3 days. Fuel, CDW and any other extras will be at your cost, however if you are crossing the Cook Strait we will pay the ferry cost for the vehicle and you pick up the fare for yourself any passengers (which can all be booked on our website).

It's a great way to get up the country for less!

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