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Exploring Walter Peak Station, a working South Island Farm

6 March 2015

A relaxing cruise on the Earnslaw to Walter Peak Station, a tour of the farm and a gourmet barbeque was too much to pass up. It ended up being one of our favourite experiences on our South Island trip and is highly recommended for anyone visiting Queenstown! 

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The Sight of the Sound

3 March 2015

It rained during the night.  Hard slashes pounded the window, hammering through my attempts at sleep.  Please let it stop before morning. 

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Byrne Abroad - Hot Water Beach and beyond

20 February 2015

Cody Byrne is a US based Omega customer who arrived in NZ with a backpack, camera, and a working visa good for one year. In Cody's words "I had absolutely no real plan other than which hostel I could stay at for the first four nights.

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Exploring The Central North Island

27 January 2015

New Zealand has so much to offer that it feels there's not enough time to do everything you want. When my friend Fraser arrived for three weeks of travel, I decided we definitely had to head to the centre of the North Island.

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Wellington, Waikanae and Hawera - vibrant city fun, rural tranquility and beach baching

16 January 2015

I shifted to Australia earlier this year, so after spending the most part of 2014 away from New Zealand I was eager to return to our lovely country for an extended three month holiday.

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Waitiangi to Tane Mahuta

24 December 2014

Waitangi, sometimes called the birthplace of New Zealand, is one place you have to tick off the list. Situated about 3 hours’ drive from Auckland, up State Highway 1 north to Whangarei (165km) and then Kawakawa (a further 60km).

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Abel Tasman Christmas

24 December 2014

Seven months in New Zealand, but thanks to finding work in Auckland we had only seven weeks for the South Island. Back home in the UK, my partner Laura and I had spent hours poring over maps, flicking through guidebooks and staring wide-eyed at snapshots of the snowy mountains, lush...

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From Israel to New Zealand

24 December 2014

Most people, if not all, were exposed to New Zealand through the Lord of the rings trilogy in the past, and the "hobbit" in the present. Not me, I recognized New Zealand thanks to 2 tv shows in the 90's : Hercules and Xena, they were both filmed in New Zealand.

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Christmas in the South Island

19 December 2014

After visiting the North Island in 2011 we promised to come back to the country of our dreams New Zealand. This time it should just be the south island. After arriving in Christchurch after 25 hours in the air we (my wife Rosa, son Werner and his girlfriend Bernadette) immediately...

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Marvellous Matakana

13 November 2014

Just a hop, skip and a jump (or about an hour's drive) from Auckland City, the marvellous coastal region of Matakana is home to vineyards, restaurants, sculpture walks and farmers markets.

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